Don’t let emotions dictate your investment strategy

Short term slowdowns in the economy and property market inevitably trigger worries about stock market performance. You may therefore consider keeping your money in cash. However that’s not the most appropriate approach for the serious long term investor.

Limiting the effects of inflation

Investors and shoppers – particularly those that remember rocketing inflation in the mid 1970’s – are no doubt concerned about rising food and energy prices. If you’re worried about inflation and interest rates on savings accounts are low, you may find it difficult to achieve your long terms goals if you rely purely on short term savings.

Investing based on principals, not emotions

These days you constantly hear and see bad news that could cause you to hesitate. If you let fear sway your investment decisions you are likely to make little progress towards your financial goals. Reasons not to invest always exist, but owning a diversified portfolio of quality investments and letting it grow over time has historically been a successful strategy.

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