Financial Planning for Trusts


Our Mission

To ensure that all trustees have the peace of mind that their trusts’ financial affairs are in order.

Our Statement of Belief

“We firmly believe that a focus on trustee education and robust governance is key to meeting financial objectives.”

Trust Financial Planning Service

Our trust review service is designed with the simple objective of giving you clarity and a full understanding of the investment strategy and tax regime that your trust assets are currently exposed to.

As well as leading to potentially enhanced returns, the service should also help trustees meet their statutory duties under the Trustee Act of 2000.

The service is suitable for trustees who feel that they would benefit from our expertise in investment and taxation.

Our goal is to ensure peace of mind that Trust assets are being structured in the most effective way from both an investment and taxation perspective.

Key Points to Consider

1. Are you confident in the overall investment policy and objectives of your trust?

2. Do the trustees agree on the balance between investment risk and return?

3. Are the trustees aware of the impact of environmental, social and governance factors?

4. Do you know the charges you pay on your investments?

5. Do you know what the total return on your investments was over the last year?

6. Do you know how your investment performance correlates to the

trusts financial goals on a continuous basis?

7. Are you aware of the charges that you have paid for investment services?

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Financial Planning for Trusts

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