Cash Flow Planning


We provide non-product driven Financial Planning advice centred around Cash Flow Planning.

We take the time to understand your plans so we can help you achieve them. Whether it’s lowering taxes, saving for retirement, paying school fees or protecting your estate, we can help you develop an investment strategy to match your unique situation.

Cash Flow Planning allows you to make important decisions today that will benefit you tomorrow. Cash flow planning may sound complicated  however  with  good advice it should be a simple process giving you better understanding of both income and outgoings now and in the future.

The “Six Golden Rules” of Cash Flow Planning are:

  • be realistic
  • remember the difference of inflows and outflows/costs
  • do not forget include every single item
  • plan multiple schemes
  • factor in fixed and variable costs
  • regularly review balance sheet and profit and Loss


Managing your cash flow is vital for business survival and growth. Every business needs cash available to pay their bills and expenses on time. It’s essential to control your cash flow so that you always have enough cash available before receiving payment from your customers.

It’s important to carry out a cash flow forecast, try to anticipate problems about the cash flow, look for the different ways to improve your cash flow avoiding problems of trade in excess of capacity or working capital. Good cash flow management is very important to business survival, reducing the time gap between payments and receipt of your incomings ensuring you always have the necessary flow to pay the day-by-day business costs.

To be profitable, businesses have to sell and deliver goods or services to their customers before being paid. So it’s essential to control your cash flow so that you always have enough cash available to pay your staff and expenses before receiving the payments from your customers. If not, you’ll be unable to meet your customers’ requirements and profitability. Also it is so important not to confuse your cash balances with profit.

Profit is the difference between the total amount your business earns and all of its costs usually adjust over a year or a specified trading period.

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