Long Term Care Planning In Advance


Make provision for long term care as early as you can

Nobody likes to consider that their health will deteriorate in later life with the likelihood that they may need long term care support. Making sensible provision whilst you still can is common sense and allows you to make informed decisions.


Ways that Care may be funded

  • Funded by the local authority
  • Funded by NHS Continuing Health Care/Section 117 aftercare under MHA 1983
  • Fund out of income

  Retaining Property                       Sell property

  • Deferred payment arrangement
  • Rent our property
  • Equity release
  • Use cash
  • Use investments
  • Purchase an Immediate Care Plan (ICP)
  • Combination of all above



Deprivation of assets

It may be tempting for people to consider transferring assets, capital and property to relatives in order to qualify for financial assistance. However local authorities have far-reaching powers to recover any monies transferred which they think have been for the purpose of qualifying for financial assistance. It is generally the intention behind the transfer of an asset that will be judged, rather than how long ago it took place.


Power of Attorney

The mental capacity act sets out a legal test to decide whether somebody lacks the mental capacity to make a particular decision or express their views. People who hold power of attorney must apply the principals around mental capacity when making the decision on the other person’s behalf.

Useful Contact Information

Office of the Public Guardian – 0300 456 0300

Court of Protection – 0300 456 4600

Department of Health


Helping you make the right choices

As care fees planning specialists we focus on solving the problems of planning for care which gives you and your family peace of mind. We offer financial solutions that provide security for as long as it’s needed, we recognise that this is essential to retain dignity and a sense of independence and wellbeing. The advice we offer can often make fees more affordable and may even give you more options as you choose the most appropriate care arrangements for you or your relative. The first step towards removing the worry of paying for care is to get the right specialist advice. To speak to us about planning for long-term care please Contact Us.

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