Financial Advisor Portsmouth

Looking for financial advisor Portsmouth, Paul Murray Investments, offer personal and straight forward Independent Financial Planning advice to long term investors. We recognise the importance of not only working with clients, but also with legal and tax advisers to ensure a co-ordinated approach. We hope to provide the security that your investments are in safe hands so that you can relax and enjoy life. We build and maintain long term relationships with our clients. This is evidenced by our existing client testimonials.

Your financial goals and preferences are important whatever you want out of life. We will help you develop and investment strategy to help you meet your objectives. However it’s surprising how many people, despite having clear ‘wish lists’ of what they want out of life fail to plan ahead or put into place any kind of strategy that will help them achieve their goals. This is true of what they want in their working lives and into retirement years.

If you would like to achieve a comfortable lifestyle in later life you will need sufficient income levels for desired homes, holidays and pastimes. Pension income alone is not always enough to fund your requirements, we can help you plan for significant life events.

Creating  a diverse portfolio will help you achieve your long term objectives which will ensure you get what you really want out of life. With careful planning it’s possible to achieve the kind of lifestyle that may have otherwise been beyond what you looking for, having felt in control of your wealth.

Paul  has made a conscious decision to serve you, the individual investor, with first class service.

We are independent, which means we consider the whole of market, which means that we consider every product from every provider when making a recommendation to you.

Please contact us to see how we can be of service.

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