De-cluttering the Mind Provides a Big Boost for Mental Health Charity




Below is the article written by The News Portsmouth about our charity fundraising event:

Five members of Paul Murray Investments (PMI), in Southsea, decided to start meditating and doing yoga to support Havant and East Hampshire MIND. Although sitting still for three hours may not look difficult, it actually took months of daily practice before work to get to the point of being able to meditate for so long. Mr Murray is a yoga devotee and the company’s offices are below The Hot Spot Yoga Studio, in Marmion Road. Mr Murray led the daily meditation and together they raised £1,000. Alice Langston, the marketing manager at PMI, said: ‘We do a lot to support local charities and good causes and each year we do a major fundraiser. ‘At a brainstorming session we decided to support Havant and East Hampshire MIND because they do so much good work. ‘We then decided on an meditation marathon at The Hot Spot Yoga Studio.

‘It took a lot of practice and we all came in to the office early each day to meditate and do mindfulness. ‘The aim of it is not to think of anything at all, to completely clear your mind. ‘That was actually really difficult but I think we all felt the benefit of it.’ Havant and East Hampshire MIND trustee Stephen Southwell collected the cheque.

He fully approved of the concept and added: ‘We recognise the need to de-clutter the mind and take time to step back from our busy and stressful lives periodically as a way to promote good mental health. ‘Users of Mind’s services will also feel the benefit of the considerable donation and local services seem set to continue thanks to Paul Murray and his team and the many members of the public who contributed.’

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